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Information for Manuscript & Proposal Submission:

IJMB (ISSN 1949-2847 online, ISSN 1949-2839 print) provides a platform for professionals, practitioners, academics, educators and researchers in the various fields of management and business to disseminate and share the latest research, knowledge and experiences.

We are inviting scholars and practitioners to submit manuscripts, reviews, opinions, Trends, etc., for publication in the Journal. All submitted articles to the journal are subject to peer- review prior to a publication decision. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, please do one of the following:

1. Complete the manuscript Submission Form and upload your manuscript before you send it.

2. Send your manuscript to the Editor of IJMB as an email attachment to IJMB@iamb.net with the words: "New Submission" in the Subject of the email. Please include your name, the title of your paper. You will receive further information via email.

Please consult the Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation when preparing your manuscripot for submission.

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Manuscript Submission

Possible Fields of Interest

Organizational Studies
   Organizational Behavior
   Organizational Theory
   Conflict Resolution

International Business
   International Law
   International Finance
   Mgt in Multicultural Society
  International Market Entry
  Cross Cultural Management

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Guidlines for Preparing Manuscripts
Technology & Innovation Management
   Research & Operations
   Production Management
   Cost management
   Global Technology Transfer

Strategic Management
   Innovation & Entrepreneurship
   Small - Medium size Firms in Crisis
   Social Issues in Management
   Collaboration and Strategic Alliances
   Supply Chain Management

Marketing Management
   Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Communication
   Branding & Positioning
   Consumer Behaviour
   Innovation & New Product Development
   International and Cross-Cultural Marketing
   Public Relations
   Sales and Sales Management
   Marketing Technology
   Modeling and forecasting
   Social Responsabilitiy, Ethics and Consumer Protection
   Sports Marketing
   Human Resource Marketing

Human Resource Management
   Human Resource Management
   Aggression Management
   Conflict Resolution
   Global and Multicultural Issues
   Strategic HR Management
   Recruiting and Staffing
   Training and Development
   Performance Appraisal
   Compensation and Rewards
   Career Development

Education Management
   Education Technology
   Social Issues in Education
   Entrepreneurship in Education
   Education & Training

Management of Social Issues
   Managing Sustainability Issues
   Corporate Social Responsibility
   Social Philanthropy
   Business and Public Policy

Management Studies
   Project Management
   Public management
   Management of nonprofit organizations

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